Souls_On_Rainbows About_Me_Page

Life Is Meant to Be Beautiful !

Middle aged, born in a multilingual family, raised in a very catholic way, educated as a visual artist. 

I Teach

I teach crafts and visual arts, elementary level... so in my bag plenty of crayons, not so much eye-liners or lipsticks. Well, maybe a hand-cream :)


Be Pretty! 

Been raised catholic, with most of "teachings" toxic to my personality. Dropped most of them, but kept a few, like common sense and respecting myself & others, or like this one:

  • Men ought to be wise & protective,
  • Women ought to be beautiful & loving.

My Dad

How I wish I'd still have him with me, he had this gift to find a solution to all problems. I miss him a lot! If only all men would know their daughters will always need them!

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