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Know Me as a Creator

A page where some of my creations will be gathered; pictures, links or places on the web where you can find them.

Graphic content 

For the time being I'll showcase mostly teaching "related" content meaning works I've created for kids with the kids at school, or for my soul in my spare time. No plans yet for my works I produced as a painter after graduating university.

Picture Quotes

I love quotes - wisdom in few words! but don't know what I love more, honestly, to read and gather them or to create pictures and posters like those you can see below.

Poster Quotes

I've let my imagination fly! I still remember the hours I spent creating them, delightful moments, my soul being truly happy. 

For sales and commissions check my Ko-fi LovingLife page


for now only a few as Christmas 2020 was the first time I did it.

Valentine's Day, 2021

Audio Files

Creating audio files is my "youngest" dream/project, it might seem easy or simple, but it's not, voice reflects all what is inside of us, from fears or fatigue till intentions or lies. Or... have you ever felt a person smiling on the phone? Yeah, that's the feeling!

I'll soon put here the links with some free and paid audio content. Keep checking this page if audio files are your "thing".


I wrote some little pieces, mainly for my audios, I don't have the patience for long stories. But to be honest, poetry is my favorite. Why so? Same as quotes, essence in few words! Just like for my audio files, hopefully I'll soon post here links for my written content.


where you can find me as a creator.


another great place for all kinds of creators.

Been on Ko-fi for a while, but decided to stop for a bit to have time to set a business account with PayPal, and to do some "re-branding". Now I'm "back and ready", and soon to add my own shop there. Till then, enjoy my galleries!

Click the pictures below, they will take to my Ko-fi profiles.

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free audio files


graphic and audio files


writings and audio files



My Social Media

Stay in touch with me!

I'll add the links for all my accounts in the near future, a bit of patience with me, I've just started this site, I can't do everything in one day, Rome after all, wasn't built in a day either, right? not that my site will reach the same glory... lol, just kidding!

My Facebook Page

You may visit at:

username: @SoulsOnRainbows


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video files sharing 


enjoy more visual content

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